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Tax Returns Deadline 8th May

Don't forget to file your tax returns before 8th of May!

Here is some basic information that you need to know:

Filing a tax return with DigiD

Do you have a DigiD? And have you used it at least once over the past 3 years? In that case, you can now also file a tax return with DigiD

Applying for a postponement

If you want to file your tax return after 1 July, you must apply for a postponement in writing. Click here for more information regarding the postponement

For more information in regards to the tax return process, please click here


National Holidays 2021

New Years Day Jan 1st
Good Friday (observed) April 2nd
Easter Sunday April 4th
Easter Monday April 5th
King's Day April 26th
National Remembrance Day (no national holiday) May 4th
Liberation Day May 5th
Ascension Day May 13th
Whit Sunday May 23rd
Whit Monday May 24th
Christmas Day December 25th
2nd Christmas Day December 26th


Long term residence permit fees reduced

Please note that this information has been taken from the website of: Immigration and Naturalisation Service

This notice is a follow-up of the notice of 8 May 2012 titled: Court of Justice decision on administrative charges (for long-term residents). On 26 April 2012 the EU Court of Justice delivered judgment in proceedings initiated by the European Commission against the Netherlands on account of the administrative charges levied by the Netherlands for applications submitted by long-term residents from third countries (i.e. proceedings covered by the European Directive 2003/109/EG).

The result of the judgment is that the administrative charges for long-term residents will be reduced to € 130. 

The administrative charges for the following applications will be reduced:

  • Applications for permanent regular residence permits;
  • Applications for temporary regular residence permits filed by foreign nationals who have acquired the status of long-term residents in another Member State;
  • Applications for temporary residence permits for family members coming to the Netherlands to join the long-term residents referred to under 2 and 3 (either travelling in their company or at a later date).

The reduction has retroactive effect from 26 April 2012, which means that any proceedings pending at that time (i.e. non-final and open to appeal) or initiated after that date will be eligible for reimbursement of the administrative charges. If you qualify for reimbursement of administrative charges, you will receive a letter from the IND. You need not ask for it. As soon as it has been made known when the letters are to be sent.

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