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Founded in 2009 the Bridging the Gap Foundation (BTG)has grown to become a vast network and association for both the Dutch and Indian communities. Bridging the Gap Foundation is known for its exciting and unique events hosted regularly, providing a key purpose for “bridging the gap” between the Netherlands and India.

BTG regularly holds workshops for young and old giving everyone a great opportunity to interact and get involved in various activities with the local community. In the past we have held Cricket workshops for Children and Art and Cooking Classes for Adults.

Every 4-6 months BTG will host an event in either a form of a Dance Party (club night), a Children's day out or small event such as a Cooking Competition or Sporting Event. BTG is also involved with the Diwali Festival that takes places every year on the Amstelveen, Stadsplein.


Happy New Year

Everyone must've thrown away their Christmas trees and taken down the festive decoration around the house. Bridging the Gap Foundation would like to wish all of you a happy new year! We hope that 2016 brings you lots of happiness and prosperity. We look forward to celebrating various festities together with you in the coming year. If you have any ideas for the coming year then please don't hesitate to contact us. We are also looking for volunteers to help is with our events, so let us know if you can volunteer some of your time!

 The Bridging the Gap Foundation is here for you and the community, to ensure that you feel more connected while in the Netherlands. We do not create this social platform alone; you do by attending our events, and supporting us!

 Bridging the Gap Foundation stands for bringing a community closer together, promoting cultural understanding, and creating a platform for people to meet and easing transition into the Netherlands.

Moreover though, it is the efforts of every one of you that helps make this community vision a reality. From the convenience of Indian grocery stores and Indian beauticians, to the availability of Indian cinema and social activities, you all play a central role in bridging the gap!

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