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Founded in 2009 the Bridging the Gap Foundation (BTG) has grown to become a vast network and association for both the Dutch and Indian communities. Bridging the Gap Foundation is known for its exciting and unique events hosted regularly, providing a key purpose for “bridging the gap” between the Netherlands and India.

BTG regularly holds workshops for young and old giving everyone a great opportunity to interact and get involved in various activities with the local community. In the past we have held Cricket workshops for Children and Art and Cooking Classes for Adults.

Every 4-6 months BTG will host an event in either a form of a Dance Party (club night), a Children's day out or small event such as a Cooking Competition or Sporting Event. 

BTG turns 9!

Happy Birthday to Bridging the Gap Foundation! We turn 9 today... it's been a wonderful journey together. Looking back we can see how far we've come as an organization, a board, team and as a community. Not only have our numbers and presence has grown but also our identity.
Bridging the Gap Foundation has had a number of board and team members over the years as like most expats they have left the country however, their impact has been strong. Their contribution has never been forgotten. We appreciated every step taken by the community to make BTG the non profit it is today.

A pioneer in integration, a channel of communication from the community to the government and visa verse as well as supporter of all new organizations established to promote regional Indian culture.
Like every journey you start together and along the road people take their own paths and we pride ourselves in being there in the start of your journey.

While community support and strength is vital for us so are our sponsors who have unconditionally stood by our side and guided us. We are proud to have you as our partners.
We hope that we continue this journey together with all of you for many years to come.

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