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Welcome to Bridging the Gap! We are a non profit organization here to help integrate Indian expatriates in the Netherlands into the Dutch community and expose the vast and vibrant Indian culture into Dutch society. We do this through the means of hosting many successful events and sharing local news and information.Through the different activities that take place throughout the year, it offers a perfect chance for both the Dutch and Indians to gain interest into each other’s cultures and societies and learn more and appreciate the diversity of these two cultures. We find that integration is a two way road and use our communication channels as medium to inform our followers about the updates in the local community.

FUNDRAISER - Supporting India in its time of need!


We are all following the news and while corona has hit everyone hard in every country, we take note of the heart breaking images of the situation in India.

Bridging the Gap Foundation is raising funds in the hope that even a small contribution makes a big difference.

We will be dividing the money raised between two NGOs in India:

1.) Samhita & Swasth: Samhita is working with Swasth, a not-for-profit alliance of healthcare providers and ACT Grants, a start-up ecosystem for collective action to raise funds to help procure and distribute oxygen concentrators across providers in need. These oxygen concentrators can save many thousands of lives and bolster much-needed resources for hospitals. They can also be used to treat outpatients, reducing the load on hospital beds and easing the stress faced by patients.

There are two type of concentrators:

● A high flow concentrator costs Rs.85000 / $1130 and treat up to 550 patients with a severe or critical illness.  

● A low flow concentrator costs Rs.45000/ $600 and can treat up to 900 patients with mild to moderate illness

2.) Building Blocks India - With the sudden announcement of the lockdown of Karnataka State has left families at a difficult crossroad.

The parents of the students from Building Blocks are all daily laborers. They will not be able to earn money unless they go out to work. They have already been struggling because they have not had much work as so many businesses have closed down due to the effect of the pandemic for a whole year.

They have about 1100 families that need support. Our desire is to give each family enough food to last for about 3 to 4 weeks. Even though the lockdown is announced only for 2 weeks, it is possible that it could get extended till the end of May, depending on the spread of the virus.

Each bag would have rice, atta flour, dal, oil, potatoes, onions, chili powder, soaps, salt, etc. Each bag will cost approximately €40 (approximately Rs 2500).

Thanks so much for your support during these very needy times. Please feel to contribute whatever amount feel appropriate.

All donations will used for these two charities only. Every bit helps...


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