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26-05-2013 00:50
Dutch people think that India is a backward nation, with only poverty, holy cows, caste systems, discrimination and corruption. Maybe it could be wise to explain these stereotypes about India better, with facts and figures on your site, in Dutch. India is huge, almost 50,000 cultures, all religions, sects, and big cities, total population more than 1 billion people.
Please consider my request,

Altecrea will bless you all,

hindu writer and researcher
delft, Holland
third generation Hindu kantraki in Holland, born in Surinam.
19-09-2012 12:40
I Think That Bollywood Dhamaka is always a succes that is able to also bring a artist. The crowd will be more entertained by a performance of a artist.
28-12-2011 22:13
We need more isnigths like this in this thread.
16-01-2011 19:11
Hema Gopal Gupta
We are caterer for fresh snacks and Sweets on a very competitive market price. We are available for 29 Jan bollywood dhamaka event. Please confirm and place your order and needs.
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